Direct Mail (SOLO) Program

VALPAK's Big Blue Envelope represents a Shared Mail Program.  In some cases a per-determined mailing list of residential addresses does not work for a business looking to specifically target their marketing dollars to certain demographic or specific geographical audience.  In this instance, VALPAK's SOLO Program can offer you the assistance you may need.

SOLO Direct Mail is a program whereby you would be in complete control of not only the Ad Copy & Size but you would control exactly where and who the mailing is delivered to.  The rates vary on the the Ad Size, Quantity of the Mailing, what type of mailing it is and the list order.
Solo Sample 6x9 Ad
Side One
SATURATION MAILINGS -A Saturation Mailing is where you pick the homes you wish to mail to by Carrier Routes and Rural Routes.  This will provide you with lowest rate possible provided to you by the post office.
TARGETED MAILINGS - A Targeted Mailing is where you select those that you intend to send your mailing to by certain demographics.  These demographics could include age, gender, income, business lists, home value, etc.  This approach carries a higher investment as the saturation discount is lost in this type of a mailing.
Side Two
4 x 6
6 x 9
4 x 10
6 x 11
81/2 x 11
11 x 17
Double Postcard
All rates include Layout Design, Proofing, Printing, Mailing, Proof of Mailing and Sample Extras. Rates do not include specialty lists or final postal rates or future postal increases. All postage is estimated and may be higher than quoted and will sow on final quote.
SATURATION RATE CARD - This card represents the Rates for choosing 3,000 or more homes surrounding one's business location driven by carrier and rural routes.  Each Route selected must be mailed in full, excluding PO Boxes, and range in size.
TARGETED RATE CARD - This card represents the Rates for choosing 3,000 or more homes, or businesses, in which the selection process is based off certain demographics or a business list provided by you. The rates posted may change based on the list requested.