VIP NAIL SALON (Methuen, MA) - Heather Nicholson, owner of VIP Nail Studio first started mailing with Valpak over 5 years ago, February 2014. Heather chose Valpak when she first opened her business to promote the Nail Salon and to bring in new business. We asked Heather how her Valpak Maligns have been working and she stated “When Valpak comes out every month we receive 20-30 coupons back every time. People use the ones they get in the Valpak envelope and also print them off their computers on-line. Valpak has been so great, we love it.” We then asked Heather how Valpak compared to other forms of advertising she has done and she went on to say “I have tried Community Values & Spectrum Monthly and Valpak generates more sales then them. Valpak is easy to work with and I would highly recommend Valpak to every business owner as we always have a positive Return on our Investment - Every Month!”

Heather Nicholson, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing February 2014 - 5+ Year Valpak Client
Mailing 10,000 homes per month

FANCY NANCY'S (Nashua, NH) - Nancy Keyslay, owner of Fancy Nancy’s Salon & Spa has been advertising with Valpak for almost eight years, her first Valpak mailing was back in February 2012. Nancy first started mailing with Valpak to help her business grow and to generate more clients for her salon. When we asked Nancy to tell us how her Valpak marketing programs have been working for her over the years she stated “I have been with Valpak for over four years and I have mailed 20,000 homes every single month since my first mailing. We see new clients all the time and I love working with my Valpak Representative, his is great. We also take advantage of Valpak’s on-line package and also see a lot of digital customers who print them off online.” We then asked Nancy how her Valpak advertising compared to other programs she has run in the past & she went on to say “Valpak seems to bring in more customers than Spectrum Monthly. I would highly recommend Valpak to other business owners as we receive 10-15 printouts every month!”

Nancy Keyslay, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing February 2012
6+ Year Valpak Client

FANTASTIC SAMS (Tyngsboro, MA) - Barbara Adduai, owner of FANTASTIC SAMS out of Tyngsboro, MA has been running with Valpak for over 12 YEARS! She originally started with her Valpak programs to bring in new customers. We asked Barbara to commit on her Print & Digital Programs that she has been running with Valpak for the last 12 Years and she stated “We see about 10-15 coupons per month. We get new customers every month and we get our regular customers coming back. The Digital reports help show me monthly activity which is very helpful and Valpak of NH’s office staff, Krystin & Christina are tremendous. I am very happy with our success in Valpak and we are also very happy with the customer support office & my rep Jim Hilker. I would certainly recommend Valpak to every business owner because it WORKS!”

Barbara Adduai, Owner
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing October 2004
12+ Year Valpak Client

CREATIVE CUTTERS (Nashua, NH) - Ralene Clark, owner of Creative Cutters first started with Valpak back in July to help promote her salon and bring in new business. Ralene was very skeptical stating “I didn’t think people opened up the Valpak Envelope, Boy was I wrong! Ralene renewed her agreement with Valpak stating “I have been running for four months and renewed to receive more new clients. So many NEW Clients are coming in off my Valpak Advertising and they are actually coming back as return clients.” Ralene also takes advantages of Valpak’s Call Tracking Program and states “We have call tracking and I love it as we get calls every week.” When we asked Ralene for her overall evaluation of Valpak and how we performed over other type advertising she has done Ralene stated “Valpak outperforms Spectrum Monthly and the Newspaper. I would highly recommend Valpak to all business owners if they want to see a Return on their Investment then this is the way to go!”

Ralene Clark, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing July 2016
1+ Year Valpak Client

SOMERSET SWIM & FITNESS (Nashua, NH) - Matt Chabot advertises his services to build up his profile and awareness within his primary market. Matt is also looking to promote his new specials and to bring in new clients while keeping his regular clients. Matt does other forms of advertising but since partnering with Valpak, he agrees that we outperform them all, stating “I signed up for 4 months and renewed for another 4 months. I went from 19 calls in the first month to 38 calls the next. Valpak pays for itself and I reached prospects that were not reached with other forms of local advertising.” Matt would highly recommend Valpak to any business owner, and he is very happy with his Valpak direct mail and digital programs.

Matt Chabot, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing November 2015
1+ Year Valpak Client
AVA NAILS (Nashua, NH) - Andy Ngayen’s primary objective when he is advertising Ava Nails is to generate leads.  Andy has tried other forms of advertising by Strongly Agrees that VALPAK outperforms them all.  Andy states “I Love The Ad.  I Love The Customer Service. Valpak Generates A GREAT Response. I’m Very Happy.” Andy also takes advantage of Valpak’s award winning Digital Programs  and states that he see returns from his Digital Ads on a regular basis.  Andy highly recommends Valpak to all business owners who are serious about growing sales and their bottom line.

Andy Ngocann Ngayen - Owner
Lisa Richards - Sales Manager
Submitted on April 18, 2013
4+ Year Valpak Client