FANTASTIC SAMS (Tyngsboro, MA) - Barbara Adduai, owner of FANTASTIC SAMS out of Tyngsboro, MA has been running with Valpak for over 12 YEARS! She originally started with her Valpak programs to bring in new customers. We asked Barbara to commit on her Print & Digital Programs that she has been running with Valpak for the last 12 Years and she stated “We see about 10-15 coupons per month. We get new customers every month and we get our regular customers coming back. The Digital reports help show me monthly activity which is very helpful and Valpak of NH’s office staff, Krystin & Christina are tremendous. I am very happy with our success in Valpak and we are also very happy with the customer support office & my rep Jim Hilker. I would certainly recommend Valpak to every business owner because it WORKS!”

Barbara Adduai, Owner

James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant

Mailing Since October 2004


CREATIVE CUTTERS (Nashua, NH) - Ralene Clark, owner of Creative Cutters first started with Valpak back in July to help promote her salon and bring in new business. Ralene was very skeptical stating “I didn’t think people opened up the Valpak Envelope, Boy was I wrong! Ralene renewed her agreement with Valpak stating “I have been running for four months and renewed to receive more new clients. So many NEW Clients are coming in off my Valpak Advertising and they are actually coming back as return clients.” Ralene also takes advantages of Valpak’s Call Tracking Program and states “We have call tracking and I love it as we get calls every week.” When we asked Ralene for her overall evaluation of Valpak and how we performed over other type advertising she has done Ralene stated “Valpak outperforms Spectrum Monthly and the Newspaper. I would highly recommend Valpak to all business owners if they want to see a Return on their Investment then this is the way to go!”

Ralene Clark, Owner

Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Media Specialist

First Valpak Mailing July 2016


RENEW FITNESS (Salem, NH) - Dennis French, manager and personal trainer at renewfitness started advertising with Valpak of NH over six (6) Months ago. The reason Dennis made the decision to advertise was because he needed to bring in new clients / new business. When asked about his results Dennis stated “Valpak brought in New Clients which also resulted in referrals and additional members signing up!” Dennis also takes advantage of Valpak’s Digital Programs stating that “It made more people aware of us being located where we are and learn more about the gym.” When ask how Valpak compares to other advertising Dennis is doing he went on to say “Valpak out performed our own Direct Mail Post Cards the first month we mailed with them. I would highly recommend Valpak, both print & digital to any serious business owner because it works!”

Dennis French, Manager/Personal Trainer

Jim Hilker, Sr. Media Specialist

First Valpak Mailing March 2016


FANCY NANCY'S (Nashua, NH) - Nancy Kesley, owner of Fancy Nancys’ advertises her salon to offer specials, promote her salon and to bring in new clients. Nancy has been running with Valpak since February of 2012 and is very happy with her success. When asked to comment about her Valpak programs Nancy stated “I’ve been with Valpak over 4 years, every single month and I LOVE IT! We also take advantage of Valpak’s Digital Programs and we receive a lot of digital prints. I like receiving the digital reports once a month showing our success in the program. My sales rep, Scott Gianitsis is very helpful. Valpak outperforms every other marketing company we use and I would highly recommend Valpak to other business owners as it’s a great way to grow your business and keep your name out there.”

Nancy Kesley, Owner

Scott Gianitsis, Media Consultant

First Valpak Mailing February 2012


SOMERSET SWIM & FITNESS (Nashua, NH) - Matt Chabot advertises his services to build up his profile and awareness within his primary market. Matt is also looking to promote his new specials and to bring in new clients while keeping his regular clients. Matt does other forms of advertising but since partnering with Valpak, he agrees that we outperform them all, stating “I signed up for 4 months and renewed for another 4 months. I went from 19 calls in the first month to 38 calls the next. Valpak pays for itself and I reached prospects that were not reached with other forms of local advertising.” Matt would highly recommend Valpak to any business owner, and he is very happy with his Valpak direct mail and digital programs.

Matt Chabot, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing November 2015

FANTASTIC SAMS (Dracut, MA) - “Valpak is a GREAT Way to promote our Specials. I feel like being in the Blue Envelope every month really makes a name for ourselves. I have received over 130 Digital Printouts in the last 6 months over and above our print coupons. I LOVE the Valpak Digital that comes with my Direct Mail Program!”

Alok Gupta, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketin
g Specialist
First Valpak Mailing May 2015

PURE BARRE (Nashua, NH) has utilized Valpak for just a short time and has seen great results, much like our clients! In the first two months of using Valpak, we have had enough coupons come in that it's paid for itself a couple of time over, which has led to permanent returning clients after seeing the great results in just 10 classes. We advertised our New Client Special (1 month unlimited for $100) along with other specials, and have increased not only our new clients, but also our retention rate as more and more clients gain strength and confidence while losing inches and pounds! We would recommend Valpak to any business as it’s a great way to generate awareness and revenue!

Adriennne Boss, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing July 2015

VIP NAILS (Methuen, MA) - Heather Nicholson, owner of VIP Nail Studio has been a Valpak customer for over a year and loves both her Valpak Print and Digital Programs.  Heather states “I’ve been with Valpak for over 1 year and LOVE IT.  We received over 75 Digital Prints in August 2014 and 36 digital Prints in September alone.  We have used other forms of advertising but strongly agree that Valpak outperforms them all.  We see new customers all the time!”

Heather Nicholson, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing February 2014

SUITE 2 BEAUTY BAR (Dracut, MA) - “Of all the advertising we have looked into and done, we have been most pleased with the success we have had with Valpak. And we still are. They are great and very easy to work with as well. They have been super accommodating with efficient. Being a new, small business we were reluctant to put an ad in Valpak or any sort of advertising at the time because of cost. Within the first week the coupon was out, not only did friends and family notice, it was noticed by many others. We gained at least half a dozen new clients!  Every time we had a new client call and mention the Valpak, we all got so excited! It works!! Love it! So… We signed up for 4 more months! Can’t wait to hear from and meet more new clients!! We like to add, we absolutely love Scott Gianitsis, the Valpak sales rep who has helped us. He has been absolutely wonderful; he is so friendly and easy to talk to. When he can, he finds time to just pop in to say hello and see how business is going. This shows me he care’s and loves what he does and his company. He is very passionate about Valpak. It is such a rarity to find people who love their jobs and who they work for. We find it you have a happy customer. So we say, Thank you Valpak for not just taking care of your employees but also customers like us who share the same passion!”

Jennifer Burgess & Ashley Boucher, Owners
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing March 2014

FANCY NANCY' ELITE HAIR DESIGNERS (Nashua) - Scott is such a friendly, positive person to work with that it makes partnering with Valpak a wonderful experience beneficial to both of us. I can't thank him enough for his help in building our business. His knowledge of marketing and his net working skills make him my go to person for the best ideas to maximize our exposure.  He helps to bring in new clients to my salon every month and we ensure that their visit is personalized so they leave happy and continue to use us for all future services.  I feel confident in recommending Scott to all business owners and store managers to help reach your sales goals.

Nancy Keyslay, Owner
Scott Gianitsis - Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing February 2012
AVA NAILS (Nashua, NH) - Andy Ngayen’s primary objective when he is advertising Ava Nails is to generate leads.  Andy has tried other forms of advertising by Strongly Agrees that VALPAK outperforms them all.  Andy states “I Love The Ad.  I Love The Customer Service. Valpak Generates A GREAT Response. I’m Very Happy.” Andy also takes advantage of Valpak’s award winning Digital Programs  and states that he see returns from his Digital Ads on a regular basis.  Andy highly recommends Valpak to all business owners who are serious about growing sales and their bottom line.

Andy Ngocann Ngayen - Owner
Lisa Richards - Sales Manager
Submitted on April 18, 2013