COLLINS DENTISTRY FOR CHILDREN (Pelham, NH) - John Collins, owner of Family Dentistry for Children first started mailing with Valpak back in May of 2009. John’s main goal was to build his awareness in the greater Pelham, NH market and to bring in new patients. We asked John how working with Valpak has changed his business, he stated “I have been running with Valpak for over 2 years and seen such an increase in patients. We LOVE Valpak and all it has done for our business. We receive at least 3 new patients a month through Valpak. I thought I was really taking a chance with Valpak because I did not think consumers used them and it has really paid off. I also received call tracking reports and digital reports showing exactly who is calling in off the ad and who is seeing my digital / on-line advertising with Valpak.” We then asked John what other types of advertising he has done, if it was successful and if he could recommend Valpak to other business owners, he went on to say “I’ve tried Spectrum Monthly and the Newspaper, Valpak outshines them all. I would highly recommend Valpak to every business if they want to see results. Valpak is the way to go, period!"

John Collins, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing May 2009
9+ Year Valpak Client

KINGSTON FAMILY DENTIST (Kingston, NH) - Kingston Family Dentistry is very pleased with Valpak. "We get quite a number of NEW patients every month. Our patients' needs vary quite a bit. Some patients have their routine two cleanings per year, and some require more extensive mouth care for better overall health. We're so happy to help people in and around our community, and Valpak helps us with letting people know we are accepting new patients. We also use Supercoups to advertise, and that has been working well for us too. However, Valpak does bring in MORE patients for us. Thank you Valpak."

Boyan Manich, Office Manager
Lisa Richards, Sales Manager
First Valpak Mailing April 2014
SEABROOK DENTAL (Salem, NH) - Dr. Sameer Dogra from Seabrook Dental Care out of Salem, NH STRONGLY Agrees that Valpak has outperformed all other marketing methods they have tried.  Dr. Dogra states "We have had 10 new patients reply to the 1st Mailing.  We received over $10,000 in revenue form the 1st mailing.  We almost changed our minds and were going to cancel, we are so glad we didn't. We are very please with Valpak and the results!"
Dr. Sameer Dogra, Owner of Seabrook Dental
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing March 2014