BEDFORD CLEANERS - Dennis advertises to raise his business profile and awareness, send out special offers and to generate new customers. Dennis does other forms of advertising, Radio, Newspaper, Television and other Direct Mail and strongly agrees that Valpak outperforms them all. When ask to comment on his Valpak programs Dennis stated “I’ve been doing Valpak for over 7 years. It’s been the most successful print advertising that I’ve used consistently out performs all other print advertising. Our Marketing Representative Sonia Statires is very easy to deal with and very attentive to our needs. Pricing’s reasonable for the value of our ROI. We also see computer prints and mobile coupons quite often from our Valpak Digital Program.” Dennis would recommend Valpak to other business owners.

Dennis LeFavor, Owner
Sonia Statires, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing November 2007
10+ Year Valpak Client

ARNOS DRY CLEANING (Concord, NH) - Ray Dion, owner of Arnos Cleaners has tried other forms of advertising in the past but now he only does VALPAK because it outperforms any other advertising he has ever done or tried. When asked how successful his Valpak program is Ray stated “We get a couple hundred back per month!” Ray has been with Valpak since May of 2012 and plans on continuing his marketing programs with Valpak because they work so well for him and his Dry Cleaning Business.

Ray Dixon, Owner
Lisa Richards, Sales Manager
First Valpak Mailing May 2012
5+ Year Valpak Client