PATRICK LACASSE POWER WASHING -  Patrick fist started mailing with Valpak back in August 2016 because he was looking to grow his business and expand into new territory and was referred by a colleague who has enjoyed a great deal of success in the Valpak program. When we asked Patrick to tell us how his Valpak programs were working for him and his business he stated “95% of my business leads come from Valpak. It works! The phone rings and I’m so busy from my Valpak leads that I cannot even expand into new territory as my schedule is full.” Patrick also takes advantage of Valpak’s comprehensive On-Line programs and when asked comment on it, as well as whether he would recommend Valpak to other business owners he went on to say “I love the on-line coupons. I don’t track them but I know it’s working when clients hand me a coupon. Valpak is the only advertising that has generated positive returns for me. If you are looking to reach homeowners hands down this medium works. I was skeptic at first but here I sit two years later and I’m able to fully utilize my trucks on a consistent basis. They do not sit unused on the property for long periods of time during the Spring & Summer seasons and that is largely due to my Valpak programs!”

Patrick Lacasse, Owner
Sonia Statires, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing August 2016

MANTIS PEST CONTROL - Steve Burke, owner of Mantis Pest Control has been mailing with Valpak for over two years. Steve changed his business name this year from All Pro Pest Control. Steve advertises his business to gain market awareness and to bring in new clients. When we asked him to tell us how his Valpak programs were working Steve stated “Last year I received over 50 calls. I decided to do it again this year and will continue to use Valpak. I received over 20 calls already this year and already booked a $5,000 job from one coupon!” When we asked Steve if he takes advantage of Valpak’s on-line & tracking programs he went on to say “Yes, I love them. I get my call tracking report each month and love, love Call Tracking!"  We then asked how Valpak compares to other types of advertising he has done in the past, Steve added “I have used Community Values and the Newspaper in the past, Valpak outperforms them both. I would highly recommend Valpak to every business owner because of the Print, Digital & Tracking Performance.”

Steve Burke, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing March 2016
1+ Year Valpak Client

SERVICE EXPERTS - has been running with Valpak since June 2016. They first started back up with Valpak, as they were a previous customer some 15 years ago, because of all the new tracking and on-line features Valpak now has. When we asked Lynda Hacey Norwalt, co-owner of Service Experts to tell us about her success in the Valpak program she stated “Call tracking really helps us keep track of profits each month and we have a good call history. We are very happy with the results as we have seen about 29 New Customers and add on services. Valpak outperforms Community Values & Spectrum as people tend to cancel from them. I would recommend Valpak because it works, people recognize the name, the content is good and consumers are looking for it.”

Lynda Hacey Norwalt, Co-Owner
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing June 2016
1+ Year Valpak Client

MERRIMACK VISION CARE has been with Valpak for over Seven (7) Years, since June 2009. When we asked Kevin Chauvette why he chooses Valpak and how it’s working to positively change his business he stated “Valpak provides measurable return rates for us, unlike other types of advertising. We consistently pay for the cost of our mailing at least 2 times over every time we mail. We have attracted new customers who we would not have reached any other way.” When we asked Kevin how his perception of Valpak changed since working with us he went on to say “I was concerned it might be viewed as “unprofessional”, but the quality of the printing and the image of our business that is presented is very high. We do other mailings that all provide a bit lower return rate than Valpak.” When asked if he would continue with Valpak and recommend us to other business owners Kevin’s response was “YES, we are still getting a GREAT Response with the Valpak Mailings!”

Kevin Chauvette, Owner

Lisa Richards, Sales Manager

First Valpak Mailing June 2009

8+ Year Valpak Client

TRASH CAN WILLY'S - Steve Heimsath, owner of Trash Can Willy’s advertises to raise his business profile & awareness, promote special offers and to generate leads / new business. Steve does other forms of direct mail advertising but agrees that VALPAK outperforms them all on a monthly basis. We asked Steve to comment about his VALPAK Direct Mail Programs. “Valpak outperforms Spectrum. We get GREAT RESULTS! A lot of new customers, we see many repeat customers as well. Valpak pays for itself 100’s of times over.” Steve also takes advantage of Valpak’s Digital programs and when asked to comment he stated “We would certainly recommend Valpak’s digital programs as we have customers who use their smart phones for digital.”       Steve and Trash Can Willy’s have been doing business with Valpak for since 2011.

Steve Heimsath, Owner
Jim Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant
First Valpak Mailing November 2011,  6+ YEAR CLIENT

MILLTOWN PLUMBING (Chelmsford, MA) - "We've have been using Valpak for over 6 months now and it's a great way to break into emerging markets.  Valpak’s Call Reporting helps us track exactly how many customers our Valpak Print & Digital Marketing Programs are directing to our shop. Valpak also allows us to target exactly which towns we want to market to, which is a big help! We have received over 60 calls in the last 6 months and couldn't be any happier. We just added more markets and renewed with Valpak also love the digital part of Valpak. We would highly recommend Valpak to any serious business owner."

Freddy Webster, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Media Consultant
First Valpak Mailing November 2015,  2+ YEAR CLIENT

WEBSTER PLUMBING & HEATING advertises his Plumbing & Heating business to raise his profile and awareness within his primary market as well as to promote his specials & generate new business / clients. Kyle does other forms of direct mail but strongly agrees that Valpak outperforms them all. When we asked Kyle about his Valpak programs he stated I’ve been with Valpak for 6 months and couldn’t be happier. We have received over 75 calls. Some of these calls have turned into bathroom remodeled jobs.Kyle also takes advantage of Valpak’s Digital programs and when asked he stated “Anybody who wants to have direct mail with digital and call tracking, Valpak is the one for your business. We just renewed for another 6 months!” Kyle stated that he would highly recommend Valpak, both print & digital to any business owner who is serious about growing sales and bringing in new clients.

Kyle Webster, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Media Consultant

PAUL THE PLUMBER (Derry, NH) - Paul Bears, owner of Paul The Plumber (Derry, NH) advertises to raise his business profile & awareness within in his primary markets and to generate leads / new business & promote special offers. Paul does other forms of advertising such as Newspaper, Internet & other Direct Mail but Strongly Agrees that VALPAK outperforms them all. When asked to comment about his VALPAK Programs Paul stated “We see about 7 calls per month resulting in many jobs. We see referrals off of jobs as well. We are very happy with the service. Each call results in about $600-$700 in sales.” Paul also takes advantage of Valpak’s Digital programs and when asked to comment he stated “Glad to know our ads are online; we see a couple redemption's per month from digital too!” Paul would highly recommend Valpak’s marketing programs to every business owner.

Paul Bears, Owner
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant

CENTURY 21 - NORTH SHORE - has 18 offices in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Valpak gives me the ability to advertise all or some of my locations based on my current and ever-changing needs. As a broker/owner, it is important to me to help my real estate agents be THE choice for buyers and sellers. We do our very best with every listing, and every relationship. Valpak not only gives me a chance to portray that message but also encourages anyone who might be looking to become a professional realtor an opportunity to register for our licensed real estate school.  Of course, we do many forms of advertising including online (which Valpak provides us with a great value with their online marketing tools), real estate guides, and Spectrum advertising. Valpak is a necessary combined-marketing-strategy for us as we routinely get calls after every month's Valpak mailers. As an example, we received 8 new calls last week. That's results we're happy to have. 

Jim D'Amico, Broker
Lisa Richards, Sales Manager
Submitted June 2015

JJ HEATING (Dracut, MA) - I’ve been with Valpak for 6 months and would recommend Valpak to business owners who want to grow their business. We have received over 300 views to our website each month and have had 12 consumers print out our coupon! We received over $15,000 in revenue over the last 6 months. We love the digital part of


Eric Kline, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
Submitted October 2014

POLICY WELL & PUMP - The primary reason Peter Suhl advertisers Policy Well & Pump is to raise his business profile and awareness in the market place & to generate leads. Peter does other forms of advertising in trade publications & other forms of direct mail but STRONGLY Agrees that nothing performs like his Valpak programs. Peter states We see 15 calls come in per month. I close about 1 in 4. Good quality calls come in (not tire kickers). Ad creates calls from prior customers that need other work done in their home or business. I am very happy with the service I receive from Valpak and with our rep Jim Hilker!”

Peter Suhl, Vice President
James Hilker, Sr. Marketing Consultant

ASAP SMALL ENGINE REPAIR (Chelmsford, MA) - John uses his Valpak to help promote his business in the greater Chelmsford Markets and to generate new business. John has used other forms of advertising but strongly agrees that his Valpak Programs has outperformed anything he has done in the past. John states " I’ve been with Valpak for 1 ½ Years. I get around 5 to 8 New Customers a month. The rep is professional and checks in every 2 months. He also does Social Media stuff for me by sharing my coupon offers.” When asked about Valpak’s award winning Digital Programs John goes on to say “I also receive digital coupons as well. I love how Valpak works and will continue with them. The more months I run the more return I get. I started off doing 10K now I’m running 20K homes!”

John Guilmette, Owner
Scott Gianitsis, Marketing Consultant
MOSQUITO SQUAD - Tim’s primary reason to advertise is to generate leads for his business. Tim does a great deal of Direct Mail and finds that Valpak has outperformed everything he has done and his ROI with his Valpak Programs is much higher than the Direct Mail Pieces he has been doing. Tim states “I've done a TON of direct mail this year and had overall good results, but Valpak is getting more response. Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost! Valpak has been off the hook this year!” Tim also takes advantage of Valpak’s Digital Programs and is very happy with the success he is having with Valpak, plans to stay with his Valpak programs and recommends them to any business owner looking to grow his or her business.
Tim Belinsky, President
Marilyn Hilton, Sr. Marketing Consultant
RE/MAX ELITE - The primary objective Cheryl Flanders uses Valpak for is to generate leads.  Cheryl uses other types of advertising such as Trade Publications, Internet, Real Estate Book & Website Syndication but has found that Valpak outperforms all other marketing methods she has used.  Cheryl states “I received a call from someone the 1st day Valpak was delivered to the homes for a CMA, FREE Market Analysis”.  Cheryl also takes advantage of Valpak Dot Com and would recommend both to other businesses.

Cheryl Flanders , Realtor / ASP